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common problems

custom quotation

customized customer please read the requests of quotation clearly
1.what is the size of the packaging ?(such as length,width,side,thickness,etc)
2.what material does the packaging choose?(we will choose the suitable material for your products if you unknown the purpose of the packaging)
3.what is the type of packaging?(such as bottom sealing,edge-sealing,three edge selling,the sealing.folder chain bags,self-reliance zipper bags,automatic packing film etc)
4.does the packing bags need print?how many colors printing?(if you want to print,whether to have the design draft or sample bag?the print plate charge depends on numbers of color.)
5.how many are the order quantity?
6.ex-factory price or insurance and freight?
the more information details you provide,the more correctly of our quotation,thanks for your quotation.